UV Green Half-A-Chin Kit for 13" Fish Flashers

$7.00 - $10.00
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Turn any 13" fish flasher into this year's Hottest Green Pattern for any colored blank. NOW WITH UV!!!!! All full-length front layers INCLUDE FLEX POINTS TO ELIMINATE LIFTING ON FISH FLASHER PATTERNS. These kits include: Green and Crush Glow Tape and a scallop strip slathered in transparent UV, an eye, and a coated flexible razor blade for trimming the edges to get that factory look.  Add a crush glow backed UV backside decal for an extra $3.00 ***APPLY KITS TO CRUSHED/EMBOSSED TAPE OR BARE CHROME AT YOUR OWN RISK*** MAKE SURE FLASHER SURFACE IS CLEAN BEFORE APPLYING KIT*** RAZOR BLADE IS EXTREMELY SHARP*** PROCEEED WITH CAUTION*** ALL TAPE SALES ARE FINAL***FLASHER/DODGER NOT INCLUDED***