UV Clementine Kush Kit for 11" Paddles

$5.50 - $7.00
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Clementine Kush is a DUEFB Tech design intended for the PNW market on the triangle flashers that had tons of custom requests in great lakes sizes.  Now offered in the 11" Paddle.  FEATURING OUR EXCLUSIVE 4 LAYER UV GLOW EYES!!!!! Kit includes a coated flexible razor blade for trimming the edges to get that factory look.  Add a white back UV Moon Jelly backside decal for an extra $1.50 ***APPLY KITS TO CRUSHED/EMBOSSED TAPE OR BARE CHROME AT YOUR OWN RISK*** MAKE SURE FLASHER SURFACE IS CLEAN BEFORE APPLYING KIT*** RAZOR BLADE IS EXTREMELY SHARP*** PROCEEED WITH CAUTION*** ALL TAPE SALES ARE FINAL***FLASHER/DODGER NOT INCLUDED***